About us


“Allow us to be part of your exclusive lifestyle experience”.

           Our philosophy lies behind our all-time endeavor to provide our fellow hunters with an entertaining and exciting adventure.
           Our upscale services, combined with an exceptionally wide range of amenities and amusing activities, such as swimming, fishing , hiking , ATV riding, BBQ, and more make our hunting your trip a memorable lifetime journey.
           The lodges whom we work with are located at the heart of breath taking natural forests and surrounded by lush gardens and wildlife sensations. They include bedrooms, dining rooms, entertainment rooms and many other parts.
           Our policy is to “provide excellence all season-round” We are happy to offer a wide variety of hunting options due to the abundance of several species of wild game from big game such as bear, chamois, wild boar, stag, Roebuck to Goose, duck, pheasant, hare, dove, partridge, quail, thrush...
           The theme behind the idea used by owner, "I've been on many fully guided and semi-guided Hunting trips, and you typically stay out in a cabin with no electricity, no hot water about 50 Km from the closest town. After a day of hunting, there never really was anything to do but sit around and play cards if you had someone with you” Our idea is to provide excellent season-round hunting opportunities , Bed and Breakfast, lunch, dinner-Style accomodations.
           We will be also happy to welcome your non-hunting partners and arrange for them fantastic touristic journeys in Romania while you are out hunting .