Hunting period 15 march – 14 may and from 01 september - 31 december

If you plan to go bear hunting, previous big game hunting experience is a plus, but not a necessity. Bear spot and stalk hunting requires a high level of stalking skill on the part of the hunter and is a test for his trailing abilities in the field. It is also necessary for the hunter to carry suitable ammunition and not to be alone on the hunt otherwise the hunter might become the hunted.



Hunting period 1 september – 15 december for selected male sand 10 september – 15 november for trophy.

Put simply, timing of the roar revolves around when females are cycling (i.e. when they’re ovulating and ready to mate). Stags scent out cycling females and essentially spend their time marking out their territory, roaring, mating, and defending their harem against other stags. And it is without doubt one of the most exciting times to hunt stags.



Hunting period from 1 august - 15 february

Wild boar hunting is usually done in the late evening through early night .If you can't see them coming, then you need to hear them coming. In the woods at night you need to hear them so you can see them. To do this we spot where the boars frequent. Places such as wallows or rubs. Usually both of these are together and this makes for a very good hunting spot.



Hunting period 15 october – 15 decembrie for trophy and from 1 september– 15 december for selected animals.

We hunt the chamois on foot using the spot and stalk method of hunting. Access is by 4x4 vehicle and it’s possible to encounter chamois from the very first moments of the hunt and vise versa. Chamois prefer the roughest country and hunters should have excellent fitness to hunt chamois on foot.



Hunting period for male roebucks is from 15 may- 15 october , and females from 1 september- 15 february.

The hunt will be a combination of stalking and sitting and waiting. Usually the hunt starts in the afternoon by sitting and waiting and sometimes by calling during the rut period. The rut is the time when bucks are more active and less cautious than usual. This makes them easier to hunt. The buck has one thing on his mind at this time of the year: to find as many does (females) as he can. He will chase after many does for weeks barely eating. Roebuck hunt is very interesting and has the highest percentage of success among big game.